Dr Sarah Sutton

Dr Sarah Sutton
  • Education & Qualification
    Dr Sarah Sutton grew up in Warwickshire, England and studied dentistry at the University of Birmingham, graduating with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery in 1999.  Dr Sutton has experience in all areas of dentistry with a particular interest and focus on paediatrics. She has practiced dentistry in the UK since graduating in NHS practices and Community Dental Services, which provide free of charge dentistry to vulnerable adults and children. In 2004 Dr Sutton moved from England to Cardiff in Wales and married a Welshman! They have two beautiful daughters, and decided to give the Australian lifestyle a try in September 2016, when Dr Sarah’s husband was given the opportunity to move over here for work. The family have all settled in to work and school and are loving it here so far! Dr Sutton’s main interest outside of dentistry is spending time with her husband and daughters, which usually keeps her quite busy. She enjoys reading and meeting with the book club that she formed (a book is even better with a coffee!), and plays the piano and oboe. Dr Sutton is also a qualified hairdresser, and enjoyed running until a recent hip injury has slowed her down. Dr Sutton is enjoying visiting different places in the surrounding area on weekends and generally getting to know Australia, which currently includes her daughter’s AFL teams! Smart Dental Tip: Parents should help their child with brushing their teeth until they are capable of tying their own shoelaces, then they will be dexterous enough to clean well. 
  • Location
    Monday-9-5.30 Wednesday-9-2.45 (every second wednesday) Thursday-9-4pm (every second thursday) Friday-9-3pm Saturday: once a month

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