Dr Wes Prepchuk

Dr Wes Prepchuk
  • Education & Qualification:

    Dr Wes Prepchuk was born and raised in Canada, but decided to give up the snowy mountains and grizzly bears, for a life in Australia with its sandy beaches and kangaroos. He made the trek over to Sydney in 2005, accompanied by his wife and two little boys. Since then they've added two more children to their family, including one very spoilt little girl. Dr Prepchuk holds bachelor degrees in Biochemistry from the University of Lethbridge, Canada and in Dentistry from the University of Sydney, Australia. In addition he is currently pursuing further education in the areas of complex restorative dentistry, general orthodontics and implant surgery as he believes in the importance of offering a complete range of services to his Smart Dental patients. Dr Prepchuk enjoys every part of dentistry at both the Kellyville and West Pennant Hills Smart Dental clinics and has yet to discover an aspect of dentistry that he doesn't enjoy. He loves the interaction with people, the intricate detailed work, and the active learning environment that dentistry provides. A Smart Dental tip..... "BSSdon'tR" = Brush, Swish, Spit, don't Rinse.

  • Location:

    Dr Wes no longer works at Smart Dental due to moving overseas. However, he does still visit 3-4 times a year to see certain patients. Please contact reception if you would like to know when Dr Wes will be visiting.

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