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Our dentists know the importance of making visits to the dentist a positive and fun experience. They love seeing your children and  the whole family here at Smart Dental. With so many cool activities in the Children’s room plus a television on the ceiling in the dentists’ rooms, visiting the dentist has never been so much fun!

Check Ups & Cleaning

For healthy teeth and gums, we recommend attending the surgery for a check-up at least every six months. This allows us to detect any problems before they become major dental issues. All check-ups include a scale and clean and a fluoride treatment to ensure the good health of your teeth. This is a simple painless procedure which takes less than half an hour. We can also advise you on areas of your brushing that may be inadequate and need attention. The cleaning process involves removing the build up of plaque and stains from the teeth. This leaves you with that incomparable “just cleaned by the dentist” feeling.

Smart Dental utilise the latest advances in dental technology such as our digital OPG machine, which allows to take a full mouth  x-ray, showing all aspects of your dental health, and our intra-oral digital cameras, so you can view the condition of your teeth on the monitor before any work is done. This also allows us to keep an accurate visual record of your dental history and ongoing treatment.

Check Up & Clean Special. $40 Gap with Private Health Insurance.


Fillings & Crowns

Smart Dental only use composite (white) fillings when repairing cavities. White fillings are a more desirable alternative to amalgam fillings. They are suitable for repairing both front and rear teeth. Teeth filled with composite fillings combine strength and durability with the perfect natural look.

Even though teeth are naturally strong, they can become damaged due to trauma (such as a fall) and may chip or break. Tooth decay may weaken a tooth, as can root canal treatment, and teeth can wear down over time. In these examples a crown is often the best way to strengthen a tooth and save it. A crown fits over the existing natural tooth and replaces the part of the tooth that is seen above the gums, the natural crown. After the crown is fitted,  itshould feel comfortable and natural in the mouth.

Mouth Guards

Regardless of age, every person playing sports that involve contact or the possibility of falling should wear a mouthguard.

Dental injuries are the most common type of oral facial injury sustained in sports.

You may be familiar with the type of mouthguard that is formed by boiling and biting – but you may not know that by using “boil and bites”  there is little or no real protection. That’s because “boil and bites” are formed using low temperatures and as you bite down, most of the material between your teeth is displaced. This is where the cushioning is needed most.

Only a proper custom created mouthguard can give you the protection your teeth deserve.

Mouth Guard Special

FREE Mouth Guard with every Check Up & Clean plus $40 Gap.
Under 18’s only with Private Health Insurance.
This offer is available 1st Jan – 31st March ONLY


Smart Dental  also uses Myofunctional appliances which are an effective Australian invention that can be used in place of, or prior to, fixed appliances (braces). Ask our dentists at your appointment.

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Find out more about ClearCorrect braces here.

Root Canal Therapy

The purpose of having root canal therapy is to salvage a tooth that has been damaged, causing the tooth nerve to become compromised. This damage could be caused by:

  • repeated dental work to the tooth
  • breakdown of a filling
  • a deep cavity
  • trauma
  • gum disease
  • crack or chip in the tooth
  • extreme wear


Most patients prefer to save the original tooth, rather than replacing it with an artificial one, because the original tooth is generally stronger and functions better,  more so when the root treated tooth is finished off with a crown.

Early symptoms of the need for root canal treatment include:

  • pain
  • sensitivity to heat or cold
  • tooth discolouration
  • swelling and soreness in the gum surrounding the tooth

Root canal therapy should start as early as possible to improve the chances of success. Ask our dentists at your next appointment.


Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are usually the last teeth to show through the gums, when people are in their late teens or early twenties. If the back of the jaw doesn’t have enough space for the wisdom teeth to come through, as is sometimes the case, the teeth become wedged in, or “impacted”. Some impacted teeth may cause severe problems, while others may remain buried and cause no trouble. Problems caused by impacted wisdom teeth are:

  • infection
  • pain
  • crowding
  • cysts
  • damage to nearby molars
  • ulcers
  • cavities caused by food becoming trapped

If your wisdom teeth are causing you problems, it may be recommended that they be removed. Removing wisdom teeth is a very common procedure and should be done as soon as a problem starts to occur.

Contact Smart Dental to find out about removing your wisdom teeth under sedation with our visiting dentist and sedation doctor at our Kellyville office.

Sleep Dentistry

Sleep Dentistry (often referred to as “Sedation Dentistry” or “Twilight Sedation”) is the use of medically administered and supervised IV sedation during a dental procedure.

It is a modern, safe and highly effective technique for overcoming the fear, anxiety and discomfort that so often accompanies a visit to the dentist, making it a relaxing and comfortable experience.

Many patients take advantage of the different levels of Sedation or Sleep Dentistry that allows the dentist to perform multiple treatments and procedures that might normally require more frequent visits.